This creation was a result of my participation in the Meat-Free Monday initiative. As much as I enjoy vegetarian food, my husband is a self-confessed carnivore, so to keep him happy it is necessary for me to come up with interesting and tasty meat-free meals on Mondays. I love the idea of a savoury Tarte Tatin, and this was put together based on what I had in the fridge. It’s lovely served with a simple rocket and parmesan salad, and it also makes a gorgeous lunch dish.

Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup Kalamata olives
1/3 cup onion jam or marmalade
1 sheet frozen ready-rolled puff pastry, partially thawed

1.  Preheat oven to 220°C. Grease and line a 22cm spring form pan.
2. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and toss with a little olive oil and some sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Place cut-side down in the prepared pan.
3. Cut the olives in half lengthways and scatter over the cherry tomatoes. Spread over the onion jam.
4. Trim the puff pastry to the size of the pan, then place on top, tucking in the edges. Prick the pastry several times with a small knife.
5. Bake for  20 minutes or until pastry is crisp and golden. Remove from the oven and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
6. Carefully invert onto a serving plate. Cut into slices and serve with a salad.

Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin

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  1. Golden Sun Restaurant says:

    Looks crazy good, thanks for the recipe! This reminds me of the time I used to cook all the time at home, before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me cook this weekend!

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