Go Meat-Free on Mondays for your Health and the Planet

Meat Free Monday is an international not-for-profit campaign which encourages people to go without meat for one day a week to improve their health and the health of the planet. It’s a simple way you can reduce your ecological footprint and reconnect with food that is nutritious and good for you.

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Get ready for Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many reasons – parties, summer, gorgeous food, holidays and a great excuse to catch up with friends. If you’re playing host and want to avoid unnecessary stress that is often associated with entertaining, a little forward planning and organisation will leave you free and relaxed to enjoy the fun of the…

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The Elements of Entertaining

My food blog, which has just celebrated its second birthday, was created to inspire its readers to entertain at home, so they can experience the joy associated with having guests. In the past 2 years, entertaining made easy has provided its readers with a myriad of recipes, tips and hints, ideas and articles – all…

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Which sauce with which pasta?

Pasta comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from tagliatelle and tortellini to penne and pappardelle. Matching pasta with a compatible sauce is instinctive for someone that has grown up eating pasta as a staple, but for the rest of us some guidelines are necessary to attain the best complement of flavour…

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Foodbuzz 24×24: Food Trail Adventure – Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is a food lover’s haven – the region is blessed with top quality produce and gourmet products grown and made with love by dedicated local farmers and artisans. The fine climate and fertile soil provides ideal growing conditions for a wide variety of produce and foods.

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The Making of a Panda Cake

Until last weekend I had zero experience in making a child’s themed birthday cake (probably because I don’t have children). I hear from my friends that do have kids just how highly competitive childrens’ birthday parties can be. It seems that all the parents are trying to out-do the other parents, particularly when it comes…