Prized for its tangy flavour and emerald-green flesh, June’s fruit of the month is the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit originally hailed from China and was introduced to New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century where they were commercially grown. They were named “kiwifruit” after their supposed resemblance to New Zealand’s national bird and the name was officially adopted by international trade in 1974.


There are a number of varieties of kiwifruit, the most well known being the Green Kiwifruit. A more recent popular variety is the Kiwi Gold, which has gold flesh and is less acidic than the green variety.

Nutritionally, kiwifruit is a rich source of vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. It also contains vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and folate.

When purchasing kiwifruit, select fruit that is firm but gives a little when gently pressed, and is heavy for its size. Avoid fruit that is soft, wrinkled or bruised.

Due to their protective skin, kiwifruit store well. Once ripened, store kiwifruit in the refrigerator if not using straight away.

To eat a kiwifruit, simply cut in half lengthways and scoop the fruit from the skin. To peel a kiwifruit, cut a thin slice off the stem end, peel the skin using a peeler and cut or slice as desired. Kiwifruit are just delicious eaten alone, but here are 5 other ways you can enjoy them:

1. Pop a few kiwifruit in your juice extractor next time you’re making fresh juice.
2. Make a salsa of diced kiwifruit, avocado and red onion, lime juice, olive oil, finely chopped chilli and mint, and salt and pepper to taste.
3. Top a Pavlova with sliced kiwifruit.
4. Make a kiwifruit Daiquiri by blending together Kiwi fruit, white rum, lime juice and sugar.
5. Use chunks of kiwifruit as a dipper for Chocolate Fondue.

Kiwifruit is delicious dipped into Chocolate Fondue
Kiwifruit is delicious dipped into Chocolate Fondue

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  1. Kiwi fruit dipped in a chocolate fondue, must tastes lovely!

  2. Mmmm kiwi. If you had a little melted marshmallow or cold whipped cream, we’d dip away.

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