Review: Anolon Endurance Cookware

Cooking for me is a joy, but like any task without the right tools it can become challenging and even a chore. I have recently discovered an excellent range of cookware – Anolon Endurance.  As the name suggests, this quality cookware is built to last, offers a lifetime warranty and many more benefits.

This is the cookware I use at my cooking school, life’s a feast, and I absolutely love it for the following reasons:

  • It’s non-stick surface means it is non-stick (inside and out) and cleaning is a breeze. Gotta love a pan that is easy to clean after cooking a roast!
  • It’s hard anodised construction means it is not only durable, but has fast and even hear distribution for perfect cooking every time.
  • The cookware can go from stove to oven. Which means if I’m cooking a roast, I can sear the meat in the pan over the stove first and then put the same pan straight in the oven. Less washing up = happy me 🙂
  • Cookware is induction compatible. Good to know if you have induction cooking, or are thinking about converting. Naturally it is also compatible to use with gas and electric stovetops, as well as in the oven.
  • Cookware is dishwasher safe. To be honest, it’s so easy to clean I don’t bother putting mine in the dishwasher, but good to know you can if you’re feeling really lazy.
  • As well as being highly functional, the cookware looks good and its handles are designed for ultimate comfort. This is important in my cooking classes.

My cooking school has recently entered into an arrangement with Anolon and as a result we are able to bring you a selection of their quality range of products for around half the recommended retail price. For example, the 6-piece set of Anolon Endurance hard-anodised cookware which normally costs  $799.95 is available via life’s a feast for just $399.95 including delivery to anywhere in Australia. The set contains 18cm/2.8l saucepan, 20cm/3.8l saucepan, 20cm open French Skillet, 24cm open French skillet,  30cm/4.7L covered sauté pan, 24cm/7.6L stockpot (see photo above). It’s a fantastic deal if you are looking to upgrade your cookware (and makes a wonderful gift too!).

If you are interested in saving up to 50% off the recommended retail price on this excellent range of cookware, please contact us and we will be happy to provide prices for specific items as well as place an order for you.

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