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Recipe: Tropical Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is an upside-down tart, made most commonly with apples, where the fruit is caramelised in sugar and butter prior to baking. Because I like to incorporate local and seasonal produce into my cooking, I came up with this version, where pineapple and passionfruit replace the traditional apple. It’s a tropical twist on an old favourite, and it’s really good!

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fruit of the month: the achacha

The Achacha is a tropical fruit originating in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia and is newly available in Australia. Grown in Burdekin in North Queensland, this season’s harvest has just hit the shelves, and will be available in selected stores including Harris Farm and Thomas Dux Grocers until February.

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fruit of the month: papaya

Papaya is an exotic tropical fruit, originally from Central America. It is grown in warmer climates, and in Australia papaya is predominately grown in Northern Queensland areas as well as Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Papaya is harvested all year round with production peaks during spring and autumn. Continue Reading →


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