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fruit of the month: papaya

Papaya is an exotic tropical fruit, originally from Central America. It is grown in warmer climates, and in Australia papaya is predominately grown in Northern Queensland areas as well as Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Papaya is harvested all year round with production peaks during spring and autumn. Continue Reading →


easy food presentation

The way a meal looks is almost as important as how it tastes. Food that is pleasing to the eye always tastes better: imagine being served a plate in a restaurant that looked like a dog’s breakfast – your taste would likely be negatively influenced.

Approach the presentation of your meal like an artist would a blank canvas – strive for a pleasing arrangement and be mindful of composition, colour, lines and textures.

As a home entertainer no one expects you to go to the lengths that Michelin Star chef’s go to for their food presentation, but following these basic guidelines will transform your tasty meal into a memorable one: Continue Reading →


fruit of the month: lemons

Lemons are a citrus fruit with a tart taste which enhances the flavour of many foods and dishes. There are a number of varieties, Eureka, Meyer and Lisbon being the most popular. Lemons are available year-round in Australia, but are in season now when you’ll pay significantly less for them than you would in summer.


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fruit of the month: kiwifruit

Prized for its tangy flavour and emerald-green flesh, June’s fruit of the month is the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit originally hailed from China and was introduced to New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century where they were commercially grown. They were named “kiwifruit” after their supposed resemblance to New Zealand’s national bird and the name was officially adopted by international trade in 1974.


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fruit of the month: oranges

June’s fruit of the month is the orange. Navel oranges have just hit the shelves and this year’s crop is smaller but full of flavour. Other common orange varieties include Valencia (in season mid-spring to mid-autumn), Seville which is the preferred variety for making marmalade (in season late winter to early spring) and Blood oranges (in season late winter to early spring).

A navel orange

A navel orange

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