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Recipe: Key Lime Pie

Limes are not only currently in season but are in abundance where I live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. As I’m a big fan of seasonal cooking, I couldn’t go past sharing my recipe for Key Lime Pie.  Continue Reading →


Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Turn Down the Heat! Cool Cuisine for a sweltering summer.

This summer in Sydney has been a scorcher, with temperatures well above average.  This is not the weather to be standing over a hot stove, getting hot and bothered in the kitchen. However, this presents a dilemma, as I love cooking and entertaining. There’s always the barbeque, but even that can be too hot to handle in this heat. So I came up with a challenge for myself:  create a 6 course meal that requires absolutely no heat on my part: no cooking in the preparation and all food to be served cold. Oh, and a meal that will please and satisfy a group of discerning foodie friends!
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recipe: summer fruit salad with lime syrup

Enjoy the last of the summer fruit for the season in this refreshing fruit salad. The lime syrup enhances the taste of the fruit and adds a delicious tang.  You can use any combination of fruits for this healthy no-fuss dessert – my favourites: mango, papaya and berries.  Continue Reading →



Summer is almost here, and there’s nothing like a fresh salad to accompany your meal. Rather than dressing your salads with bought salad dressings, why not make your own? Vinaigrette (pronounced vin-eh-GRETTE) is dead simple to make and tastes a million times better than bottled French Dressings found on supermarket shelves. The basic formula is three parts oil to one part vinegar / citrus juice. Add to this any combination of herbs, spices, seasonings or flavours. 

Experiment with different oils, vinegars and flavours. Here are some suggestions to get you started:  Continue Reading →


recipe: gazpacho

This colourful chilled Spanish soup is perfect for summer entertaining. In my version the vegetables are not pureed but still retain some crunch, giving the soup a lovely texture. For the best flavoured soup, ensure that the ingredients are top quality. Serve it with a chilled sauvignon blanc, preferably from New Zealand.  Continue Reading →


recipe: mango salsa

New season mangoes have arrived in abundance, so I thought it only fitting to provide my recipe for Mango Salsa. This simple but delicious accompaniment goes wonderfully with chicken, pork, duck, prawns and all seafood. Continue Reading →


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