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Recipe: Vitality Balls

I have been on a bit of a health kick over the past couple of weeks following a particularly nasty bout of flu which is taking a while to completely recover from. To aid my recovery, I have been pumping my body full of wholesome, healthy foods, and staying away from the naughty stuff. As I am quite partial to a sweet treat with a cup of tea, rather than be tempted I have been making up these Vitality Balls.

Vitality Balls

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recipe: grilled mushrooms with cheese & a herb dressing

Mushrooms are a great meat substitute, and as I’m still on my detox (no meat allowed) this dish really satisfies. You can use any cheese – cheddar, Parmesan, feta, Swiss and goat’s cheese work really well. My preference is goat’s cheese (and it conforms with my detox eating plan). The chilli in the dressing gives it a nice bite, although you could leave it out if you’re not a fan. Continue Reading →


recipe: moroccan carrot salad

One of my My New Year’s resolutions was to give my body a spring clean, get fit and lose a couple of kilos. Hence I am currently on a two-week detox, which entails a fairly strict eating regime – no meat, dairy, refined flour products, sugar, alcohol, caffeine….you get the picture. It’s essentially a vegan diet. Continue Reading →


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