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Recipe: White Bean Dip

This delicious dip can be put together in a matter of minutes. It’s lovely served as part of an antipasto platter, or on its own with grilled crostini or fresh crusty bread. Confit garlic is available from gourmet stores, but if you’re not able to find it it, just roast 3 cloves of garlic by wrapping them unpeeled into foil and putting them in a 180ºC oven for 20 minutes or until soft when pressed, then squeeze the garlic from the skins. The flavour of the dip improves with age, so you can make it 1 or 2 days ahead of time. Perfect for entertaining.

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Recipe: Caprese Skewers

Appetisers, cocktail food, canapés, finger food….regardless of what you call it, there is something particularly enticing about a selection of small pieces of food, especially when they’re homemade. Because I entertain often and have prepared numerous pieces of cocktail food over the years I know just how much work goes into the preparation, which makes me appreciate it all the more.

Caprice Skewers

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recipe: marinated olives

Olives are a welcome food to serve with pre-dinner drinks or at a cocktail party. Yes you can readily buy pre-marinated olives, but why not make your own?   Home-marinated olives are so much better than most shop-bought marinated olives and it’s always rewarding to be able to say “I made it myself” when your guests declare how delicious something is! Continue Reading →


five quick canapes

Party season is well and truly here, and finger food is the way to go for cocktail parties and informal get-togethers. Rather than serve chips, nuts, dips and crackers, why not put together a few easy canapés that will be sure to impress your guests? Here are 5 ideas for canapés that can be put together in minutes:
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recipe: creamy tuna dip

This divine dip is made in less than 10 minutes, and is perfect for entertaining as it can be made up to 2 days ahead of time. The recipe can be easily doubled or tripled to feed a larger crowd. I like it served with Lavosh crackers, but you could serve it with fresh Turkish bread or baguette. Continue Reading →


simple hors d’oeuvre solutions

Hors d’oeuvres (pronounced “or-dervs”), or appetisers, are welcoming morsels designed to wake up the appetite and sustain your guests until the meal is served. Hors d’oeuvres can also be served without a meal following, such as at a reception or cocktail party, and can be served at the table as part of the sit-down meal. 

Fresh hand-made hors d’oeuvres are delicious, but are often time-consuming and complicated to make. life’s a feast offers these suggestions for stylish, store-bought hors d’oeuvres that can be served with a minimum of fuss: Continue Reading →


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