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Winter Entertaining on a Shoestring

It seems most people are watching their pennies these days, and dining-in has become the option of choice to get together with friends and family. However, having guests can be a costly exercise if you don’t plan your menu wisely. Is it possible to serve an impressive meal whilst still keeping a check on your budget? Yes it is! The following winter entertaining ideas should provide you with some inspiration: Continue Reading →


table settings for all occasions

When entertaining or planning a dinner party, it is natural that the main focus is on the food and what you will be serving your guests. However, an often overlooked part of the occasion is the setting and presentation of the table. A thoughtful table setting will create atmosphere and will enhance the experience of eating the meal you have prepared.
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Welcome to my blog life’s a feast, on all that is food and cooking. My aim is to ignite your passion for food, cooking and entertaining by providing recipes, articles, tips and hints and culinary inspiration.

I am passionate about food and cooking, and of the belief that the ultimate compliment you can pay anyone is to prepare them a meal from the heart. In my experience many people associate cooking and entertaining with stress, hard work and very little reward. But it doesn’t have to be that way – I believe that preparing a meal and having guests should be a joy, not a chore. In line with this philosophy, my recipes have been developed with the following in mind:

1. High “wow” factor, low effort
2. The large proportion of the dish can be prepared ahead of time
3. Recipes are all designed to be easy to follow and prepare, so you will easily be able to recreate them at home.

I am a self-taught cook rather than a trained chef, as cooking is my passion and my chosen career. I own and operate a boutique cooking school in beautiful Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, also called life’s a feast. We offer 10 different cooking class themes, from Pasta Making and Cocktail Food to Barbequing and Asian.  Our classes are hands-on and utilise excellent fresh, quality, local produce that is readily available.

I have an extensive collection of cookbooks and subscribe to numerous food magazines, and my skills have been developed through trial and error. In my experience, people’s reluctance to entertain is often because they feel that the lack cooking skills, but to quote from the movie Ratatouille, “anyone can cook”!

My blog promises to provide plenty of culinary inspiration to to have you looking forward to spending time in the kitchen and hopefully contribute to making cooking a joyous and rewarding experience for you. I also have a Facebook page and publish a free monthly newsletter, both of which provide additional culinary inspiration.

Happy cooking and eating!




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