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Recipe: Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Walnut Sauce

I’ve recently joined the Meat Free Monday initiative, a campaign which encourages people to go without meat for one day a week to improve their health and the health of the planet.  As I’ve dragged my carnivore husband into this Monday ritual, it’s important that whatever I cook is tasty and satisfying. This dish ticks all the boxes, with the added bonus that you’ll have it on the table in 15 minutes. Be warned, it is not only satisfying, but very rich and a little goes a long way!  Serve with a simple green salad to refresh the palate.

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola & Walnut Sauce

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Recipe: Baked Ricotta Moulds

Creamy ricotta cheese married with the Italian flavours of parmesan cheese, olives, basil and sun-dried tomatoes creates an irresistible dish that could be served as either a sumptuous starter or a satisfying lunchtime main course. These Baked Ricotta Moulds are great for entertaining, as they can be prepared in advance and only require baking prior to eating.  An added bonus is that they are gluten free. Serve them with fresh crusty bread and a glass of either Rosé or Grenache.

Baked Ricotta Moulds

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Recipe: Creamy Cheesy Polenta

With the temperatures dropping, the time is right for warming winter dishes. At this time of the year I am cooking Beef Bourguignon, Osso Bucco, slow-cooked lamb shanks, Coq au Vin and similar comfort foods.  Many winter dishes involve braising liquids, so it’s nice to serve an accompaniment that can soak up all those lovely juices. Mashed potato is a popular choice, but for something a little different try polenta. Continue Reading →


Grilled Asparagus & Haloumi with a Lemon Chive Dressing

Asparagus season is reaching its peak  in Australia, and as a result it’s inexpensive, plentiful and flavoursome.  Three good reasons to be incorporating asparagus into your menu!

In this recipe,  prosciutto-wrapped asparagus is paired with Haloumi cheese and dressed with a lemon chive dressing – a divine combination! This dish works really well cooked on a barbeque – perfect for relaxed summer dining. Serve it as either a starter or lunch, together with with fresh crusty bread and a glass of sauvignon blanc. Continue Reading →


recipe: béchamel sauce

Making a béchamel sauce is easy, and a useful skill to have as it is used in so may dishes – lasagne, seafood mornay and cauliflower cheese to name a few. During the winter months I became addicted to Fennel au Gratin, which is blanched fennel baked with a cheese sauce – delicious!   Continue Reading →


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